Koos breaking an Erlenmeyer flask in Dexter's lab.

Character Information
Aliases Koosy, Koos
Gender Male
Species Imaginary Friend
Family Dee Dee (creator)
Production Information
Voiced by Dom DeLuise

Koosalagoopagoop also nicknamed Koosy or Koos (born August 6 1988), is Dee Dee's imaginary friend. He is voiced by the late Dom DeLuise. In the episode The Koos is Loose he makes a "Pepe Wrap", which is a tortilla with a tub of meat in it. Koosalagoopagoop makes a cameo in "The Powerpuff Girls" episode "Imaginary Fiend" where Bubbles suggested using him against Patches. However, Buttercup refuses and states that "Nobody likes that Koos jerk!". He is a combined parody of Snufflufagus and H.R. Pufnstuf.



Out of the imaginary friends, Dee Dee and Bubbles likes him